Qeqertaq Arnatassiaq and Niels Molgard divert an iceberg in Greenland with their powerful little boat so that it doesn't drag down their fishing nets.

Ocean Visuals: open call for photography

Now closed for entries

100 photographs to be selected by a diverse and independent jury

$1,000 USD license fee per photograph selected

Building a new image collection made freely available to non-profits, media and educators

New Ocean Visuals Collection

1. Register to the Climate Visuals library

2. Review Ocean Visuals background and photography brief

3. New collection released in October

What is Ocean Visuals?

  • The Ocean Visuals open call for photography will create a new evidence-based collection of impactful and truly diverse ocean and coastal climate imagery – all equitably accessible to the media, non-profit sector and education sector.
  • The project has three linked phases:
    • Building evidence base on effective ocean-climate imagery
    • Open call for photography
    • Dissemination of image collection
  • The project is a response to the identified and urgent need for more impactful, diverse and equitably accessible ocean-climate imagery.
  • The Ocean Visuals project is a partnership between Climate Visuals and Communications Inc, funded by Erol, the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (UK Branch) and Macdoch Foundation / NPT Transatlantic.
  • Our Australian Impact Partner Glider Global led the concept, creative and design for the promotional campaign, allowing campaign partners open access to the Ocean Visuals Social Media Pack to amplify the reach and uplift of the project globally.

Photography brief and collection aims:

Visual media is vital to connect with audiences, but ocean, coastal and climate imagery is often ineffective, inaccessible or absent. Communicators and editors resort to using the same familiar metaphors, poorly representing people’s experiences and connecting with a very limited sector of the world’s population - missing a vital opportunity for real and lasting public engagement.

Climate Visuals and Communications Inc have developed the following guidance and briefing note for the Ocean Visuals Open Call based on industry best practice, published research and evidence on people’s responses to imagery.

These guidelines on ethics, values and image manipulation and our numbered principles are designed to help the commissioning, production and editing of photography around ocean and climate.


Judging Process

The final 100 images will all be selected by an independent jury, using an additive voting process, considering submissions against our photographic brief, their opinions and lived experience.



At night, and lit by a handheld light, a man digs for razor clams.

It is not yet dawn, but Mike Winkler, a Quinault Indian, has already been digging in the wet sand along the edge of the ocean for hours looking for razor clams.

Accessible Terms and Conditions

  • Photographers must own the images submitted and be prepared to show evidence of ownership and authenticity if requested.
  • Images are selected by an independent and diverse jury using the main photography brief containing our published values, ethics, ocean-climate notes and summary evidence base.
  • A licence fee of USD $1000 is available to photographers for each of the 100 images selected. Each photographer can submit a maximum of 20 single images but may have multiple images selected by the jury.
  • In exchange for the $1000 licensing fee, the photographer gives to Climate Visuals an irrevocable Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) worldwide and in perpetuity licence for that single image.
  • Climate Outreach will then supply the 100 selected images under Creative Commons license (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) to other non-profit organisations, educators and editorial media via registration and download from the Climate Visuals library.
  • Climate Outreach and selected partners may make additional promotional use of the 100 selected images by their own respective organisations, crediting the photographer wherever possible.
  • Climate Outreach and selected partners can use all submitted images in research and to promote this project, crediting the photographer wherever possible.
  • Selected photographers may be asked to participate further and provide additional information, so that Climate Outreach can promote and showcase them.
  • Climate Outreach will not sell or manipulate the images.
  • Photographers should understand the ethics, opportunity and risk regarding both the people and places depicted in the submitted images. For additional information, see the photography brief.
  • Photographers are required to review our data protection terms.
  • To complete their entry, participants will be required to confirm they have understood and accepted our full and legal terms & conditions.


New Ocean Visuals Collection

1. Register to the Climate Visuals library

2. Review Ocean Visuals background and photography brief

3. New collection released in October


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