The final rotor blade is slowly lifted by an offshore crane for installation to the fifth and final wind turbine of North America's first commercial offshore wind farm, the Block Island Wind Farm, off the coast of Rhode Island, USA.

Ocean Visuals data protection terms


By indicating your understanding and agreement, and completing the Climate Visuals online submissions process, you as a “Photographer” are agreeing to the following data storage, processing and transfer terms & conditions (the “Data Protection Terms”) detailed herein, as issued by Climate Outreach (“Climate Outreach”, address: The Old Music Hall, 106-108 Cowley Road, Oxford, Oxfordshire OX4 1JE, UK), effective when you complete the online registration process for Climate Visuals.



Climate Outreach: UK-based climate change communications charity (charity registration number 1123315, company number is 06459313, registered in England and Wales).

Climate Visuals: a programme within Climate Outreach, based around an evidence-based image library (

Communications Inc Limited: “Communications Inc”, UK-based communications agency working with not-for-profit organisations around the globe (address: 43 Hassocks Road, Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex BN6 9QL, UK; company number 04957092, registered in England and Wales).

Ocean Visuals: a collaborative partnership initiative between Climate Outreach (via its Climate Visuals programme) and Communications Inc with a focus on visual communication of oceans, coasts, climate change and solutions to it.

Image, or Submitted Image: an individual still photo (not a composite or derivative work), submitted to Climate Visuals in digital format.

Selected Image: any Submitted Image which is selected as part of the final 100 Images by the Climate Visuals jury.

Photographer: the individual participant who submitted the image, who should be the copyright owner of the image(s) being submitted to Climate Visuals. If the Photographer is under the age of 18 at the point of submission, the Photographer must obtain consent from their legal guardian and Climate Outreach reserves the right to see the evidence of consent.

Parties: The Photographer and Climate Outreach are together the Parties and each a Party. In the event that the Photographer is under the age of 18 at the point of submission, the legal guardian of the Photographer will be legal Party to this agreement.

User: Following categories of users of website. either a) a third-party editorial media publication or platform (print or digital), or b) a third-party charity/non-profit/NGO communicating about climate change and aligned with the purpose, focus or principles of Climate Outreach, Climate Visuals, or c) a third party individual or education organisation using it for non-commercial educational purposes.

Data Controllers: For this initiative, Climate Outreach along with the following entities will be joint data Controllers. This means that we have jointly determined why and how personal data should be processed. We are each individually responsible and liable for looking after your personal data and using it properly.

SeaLegacy Foundation Inc: “SeaLegacy”, located at 6671 West Indiantown Road Suite 50-170, Jupiter, Florida 33458, United States, EIN: 88338661

Only One, Inc., “Only One”, located at 888 7th Ave, New York NY 10106, United States, a not-for-profit Delaware corporation, Tax ID #46-2746860



1.1 I understand that participation is entirely voluntary and that I can withdraw from participating or rectify any errors at any time, without giving a reason, via the means outlined in the terms below.

1.2 I understand and acknowledge that information I provide as part of the Oceans Visuals initiative relating to myself or any other person such as a model will be stored, processed and may be retained for a reasonable period by Climate Outreach in line with the data handling terms here and applicable data protection laws, and potentially transferred to additional project partners for the purposes of effectively delivering the Ocean Visuals initiative.



2.1 The following information and/or data will be collected from you as “Photographer”:

Upon registration: first name, last name, email, country, organisation (if relevant), user category, short biographical details (the nature of which can be of your choosing), social media link, website link (optional).

Upon submission, your images:  images and associated metadata including: title, short description, city (optional), region (optional), country (optional), agency (if relevant).

If your images are selected for licensing: payment information (alongside bank details, this may necessarily include address, a copy of your personal ID and other similar information).



3.1 Data Protection: Personal data will be held in compliance with UK and/or EU GDPR. Climate Outreach has established data sharing agreements with each of the joint Controllers which set out respective responsibilities for complying with GDPR rules. Climate Outreach is not liable for compliance by other data controllers. This privacy notice ( provides general information on how Climate Outreach collects and uses your personal data.

3.2 Retention & Transfer: Information relating to you or any other person such as a model or subject that you may provide to Climate Outreach may be retained for a reasonable period, and may be transferred to, stored, accessed and used in jurisdictions worldwide whose privacy laws may be different and less protective than those of your home country. Transfer of data will be made by providing the Joint Data Controllers with access to shared documents on Climate Outreach’s organisational Google Drive. Information will under no circumstances be shared via email.

3.3 Usage: Climate Outreach, as joint data controller, may use this information in connection with the performance of the Oceans Visuals agreement with Sea Legacy and OnlyOne (the “Agreement”), including for contacting you and providing to delivery, engagement and audience partners whatever information is required in order to perform the Agreement.

3.4 Other transfer: Any personal data you do provide may also be disclosed as part of any partnership or sponsorship agreement, merger, sale of the company assets or acquisition, as well as in the unlikely event of an insolvency, bankruptcy or receivership in which event personal information would be transferred as one of the business assets of the company. Climate Outreach reserves the right to disclose any information you provide in order to comply with applicable law.

3.5 Data storage: Climate Outreach, Sea Legacy and OnlyOne commit to having security precautions in place to protect the loss, misuse or alteration of information. All will take steps to ensure that it is treated securely.

Climate Outreach: Personal data and images will be submitted, managed, exported and distributed by the Climate Visuals data-entry portal and DAM image library system. Data will also be automatically stored within Climate Outreach’s customer record management system.

SeaLegacy will store the information in their Campaign Monitor database, with access restricted to designated project staff.

Only One will store the information in the Only One API database

3.6 Data processingClimate Outreach and partners will process personal data in the following ways. No AI or automated decision-making will be used in processing of data, and no profiling will be undertaken.

Climate Outreach: Exporting and maintaining customer user image records.

SeaLegacy: Receiving and safely storing basic user information, and creating email lists for communication in Campaign Monitor.

OnlyOne: Receiving and storing basic user information, and creating email lists for communication.



4.1 To view the personal data held about you, or rectify any errors  in the information provided, email Climate Outreach’s Data Protection Officer at

4.2 To withdraw from participating and erase your information from Climate Outreach, unsubscribe from any of the subsequent emails received from Climate Outreach.

4.3 To withdraw and erase your information from project partner systems, unsubscribe from any of the subsequent emails received from project partners.

4.4 To withdraw and erase your information from the Climate Visuals library and customer record management system, delete your Climate Visuals user account.

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