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Photo credit: Dennis Schroeder / NREL / CC BY-NC 2.0

A technician makes adjustments to a wind turbine at the National Wind Technology Center in Boulder, Colorado. 

Technological climate solutions can lack emotion but revealing both the engineering scale, human endeavour and 

dramatic interactions between them will resonate with a broader audience.



Photography and Visual Services

Content Curation, Sourcing and Art Buying 

With our Climate Visuals research and evidence base we are uniquely positioned to make informed, accurate and impactful decisions around climate change imagery. Through our broad network of photography partners, agencies, image libraries and contributors, we have access to hundreds of thousands of images covering climate solutions, impacts and causes. 

Tailored to your brief and budget, we research, curate and license the best in environment and climate change photography. The hi-res images are then made available as fully licensed content with accompanying captions and copy.

Our insights can be deployed to produce bespoke stock library collections, editorial collections, brand guidelines, public exhibitions or simply help us to judge photography competitions robustly. 

Photography Commissioning and Art Direction

The most powerful, accurate and meaningful way to source photography for your project could be a bespoke commission.  We have extensive experience crafting photographic briefs whilst expanding and researching story ideas for maximum relevance and impact. Our project managers have extensive links to global photographers to facilitate the production, realisation and delivery of your images.

Consultancy and Bespoke Partnerships

Climate Visuals has developed an extensive base of evidence and experience in climate change imagery through a history of collaborations on varying scales and budgets. 

We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities to partner, consult and further our goal of improving climate change imagery through measurable impact.


Presentations, Webinars, Workshops and Training

Climate Outreach and Climate Visuals have over 15 years experience in delivering bespoke public and private presentations covering our research and insights to internal and external audiences or stakeholders.   

We offer half or full day packages that provide unique, in-depth insights and practical advice on the visual communication of climate change with readily available extension modules and expertise from our parent organisation Climate Outreach. 

New Communication & Social Research with Impact

The pillar of the Climate Visuals programme is robust, peer reviewed academic research and tailored reports regarding communications and climate imagery.   We are continually expanding our knowledge base and invite opportunities to collaborate on new projects, adapt existing data and insights, and author reports.   

Articles and Comment 

Climate Visuals regularly author, comment or contribute to articles around climate change, photography, environmental impact and the results of our visual research and narrative workshops.


Joel Silver - Partnership Manager


Toby Smith - Climate Visuals Programme Lead and Media Liaison