New York Climate Week Event: Climate Visuals Documenting Solutions


The images that define climate change need to be both illustrative and impactful – narratives must move from causes and impacts to real solutions.

For this New York Climate Week webinar: Climate Visuals: Documenting Solutions,Toby Smith, will present the 7 Climate Visuals Principles; an accessible evidence based guide to climate change imagery that can maximise the power of storytelling, increase impact, engagement and ultimately encourage positive behaviour change.  Joining Toby will be Nana Kofi Acquah. Nana is a Ghanaian photographer working across Africa with direct experience of how solutions and positive, participatory narratives can catalyse long term climate and development action.

16th July 2019, Kpatua, Ghana Oxfam built a solar powered pump in Kpatua to help over families become more resilient during dry seasons. Apart from community memberscoming to the pump twice a day, all year round, during the dry season, women use the water from the pump to farm vegetables for sale.
Photo credit: Nana Kofi Acquah

Toby and Nana are currently working together on a project with Ashden to document sustainable cooling solutions in Ghana and India. They will draw on their rich experience, expertise and examples of visual storytelling in a facilitated webinar format with space for audience questions, participation and discussion.


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