Here at Climate Visuals we want to share our huge gratitude, respect and pride in the wider Ocean Visuals team, colleagues at Climate Outreach, our external partners, funders, advisory board members and contractors. We’d also like to recognise the foundational  contributions, expertise and system design that went into our ‘Visualizing climate change’  initiative with TED Countdown in 2021.

This is a movement-generous, time-limited opportunity to reach and seek the participation of global, diverse and creative voices through photography.  We appreciate any help big or small on social media or direct messages to colleagues, contacts and followers to amplify Ocean Visuals from now until 14 September 2022.  This is everyone's to share with the objective of long term positive impact in ocean-climate comms at COP27 and beyond.

View and boost the current and future Twitter and Instagram posts to encourage your followers to register and submit their images. You can also use our incredible, free to air social media pack. There's additional 'one click to tweet' posts and information on our audience engagement pages.

If anyone has any queries, the team here are available to help and we have a representative on standby for participants throughout on

Thanks for your support and good luck

Toby Smith

Climate Visuals Programme Lead and Ocean Visuals Project Exec

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