Call for Diversity, equity and inclusion specialist(s)


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We are seeking Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) specialists to provide advice on 3 projects under the Climate Visuals programme on a contract basis. These roles are suitable for DEI specialists who are available to work on an ad hoc basis.

This brief includes responsibilities for 3 different projects. We are not expecting one specialist to advise 3 projects. We are looking for the right candidate for each project with relevant skills and knowledge built from academic, professional or personally developed experience.

If you are interested in this role, please send your CV with details of 2 referees to In your email please specify the project(s) you are interested in and your price quotation. We are unable to pay above the budget indicated under each project. If you are shortlisted, we will get in touch with you with detailed project briefs and expected deliverables. We are looking to fill these roles as soon as possible, therefore we will close applications as soon as the positions are filled.

Contract type: Consultant contract (Asap in Sept 2020 to 30 Apr 2021). With the right candidate, we see this advisory role extending into other areas of work at Climate Outreach subject to funding

Works with: Climate Visuals Team and Climate Outreach Project Manager

Hours of work: Flexible, various pipeline projects requiring periodic inputs from Sept 2020 to Apr 2021

Available for meetings with at least 3 hours overlap between 9am to 6pm GMT/UK time as the Climate Visuals team work during these hours.

Location: Remote, providing advice primarily to UK/EU-based teams

Pay: Please see below for project budget envelopes

Climate Outreach is a team of social scientists and communication specialists working to widen and deepen public engagement with climate change. Through our research, practical guides and consultancy services, our organisation helps other organisations communicate about climate change in ways that resonate with the values of their audiences. Climate Visuals is a programme by Climate Outreach and it is the world’s only evidence-backed programme for climate change photography.

Climate Visuals is committed to ensuring that the entire programme is inclusive and equitable to everyone. The main focus of this role will be to work with the Climate Visuals Lead, project managers and external collaborating partners to ensure design and execution of projects are equitable and inclusive to a diverse range of audiences. Climate Visuals works with professional & amateur photographers, media specialists, academics, researchers, influencers, climate change organisations and communicators from a diverse range of communities from across the globe.

We are looking for a passionate Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) specialist/s to advise on ensuring that the projects detailed below are equitable and inclusive.

Diversity and inclusion

We are looking for passionate Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) specialists to advise on ensuring that the projects detailed below are equitable and inclusive. Climate Outreach is committed to providing equal employment opportunity in all of its employment programs and decisions. We recognise that a diverse and inclusive movement is critical to solving climate change, and that we must ensure that those directly impacted – particularly those who have been excluded in the past – are at the centre of the movement for change. We do our best to make staff positions accessible to all potential team members, regardless of race, colour, national origin, ethnicity, age, disability, assigned gender, gender expression or identity, sexual orientation or identity, religion or creed, veteran status, and marital or parental status. We strive to recruit team members and consultants from communities most impacted by climate change or impacted by other kinds of environmental, social, and economic injustice. We therefore strongly encourage applications from people of colour, women, LGBTQ people and members of marginalised communities.

Person specification (for all projects)


– Passion for photography and storytelling through imagery.

– Confidence to challenge, disrupt and adapt systemic or established practices with a view to implementing positive change.

– Advocate for equal rights and inclusiveness.

– A passion for climate change engagement, and an interest in learning Climate Visuals’ key principles and in advocating them to others.

– Good computer skills, visual literacy and familiarity with programmes in G Suite and online picture research.

– Excellent at time and task management.

– Verbal, written and presentation skills.

– Understanding of diversity of communications through direct publishing, traditional media, online and social media.


– Experience of issues regarding photographic and media representation.

– Experience in working with the media, non-profit or communication organisations.

– 3 years’ experience in project consultation on diversity, equity & inclusion.

– A masters level qualification in the subject of diversity, equity & inclusion or in a similar/equivalent subject. Alternatively, studying for a similar qualification or doing research work on a similar subject.

Project briefs

Project 1

Budget £1,480

Project period: from September 2020 to April 2021

The ultimate purpose of this project is to connect global media and communications professionals with the most appropriate, impactful and effective imagery on climate change, including those regarding the issues of climate solutions, land use and conservation.

Climate Visuals is producing a co-authored report investigating how the 7 Climate Visuals Principles (CVPs) can be applied or extended to depicting forests, lands, and indigenous rights as climate solutions at a global level, with a particular focus on Brazil and Indonesia. Starting with the original Climate Visuals research and updated evidence from the 2020 “Visualising Climate Hackathon”, the white paper will explore best photographic practice for depicting in a global context:

  • Natural climate solutions, forests and deforestation
  • Indigenous communities and their relationship to climate and environmental issues
  • Land use and land rights issues

The methodology will include, but is not limited to, extending the evidence base of Climate Visuals using the new report, before curating substantial photography collections from major online image libraries. Final deliverables will be agreed following this first phase of the project, and may include producing a public ‘search-engine’ user guide.

Responsibilities / deliverables:

  • Advise on participatory research and drafting process with indigenous peoples, including desk research, online stakeholder interviews and roundtables, and presentation within an accessible format.
  • Advise on curation of substantial photography collections reflecting: land use, land rights issues, forests, deforestation, natural climate solutions, indigenous communities and their relationship to climate and environmental issues.
  • (Subject to definition of final deliverables): Advise on the creation of an online best-practice guide to the use of search engines to identify the most appropriate, impactful and effective imagery.
  • Participate in the evaluation of the overall project to identify learnings to inform future project practices.

Person specification:


  • Understanding of diversity and inclusion issues that indigenous communities in Brazil and Indonesia face, particularly in relation to climate and environmental issues.
  • Understanding of wider diversity, inclusion and representation considerations, including risk issues, in the photographic depiction of land use and land rights issues; forests, deforestation and natural climate solutions; and indigenous communities and their relationship to climate and environmental issues.
  • Experience in guiding the design phase of participatory research (desk research, interviews, collaborative reviews) to ensure inclusiveness and meaningful participation of underrepresented communities.
  • Knowledge in drafting accessible and inclusive online instructional materials or guides.
  • Experience in working with multiple partner/stakeholder projects across time-zones and languages.
  • Experience of online outreach work or digital inclusiveness.


  • Awareness of land use, land rights issues, forests, deforestation and natural climate solutions in Brazil and Indonesia.


Project 2

Budget £2,170

Project period: from September 2020 to February 2021

In collaboration with a major Climate Change and Communication Foundation, Climate Visuals will design and run an ambitious global, public, accessible photography project to catalyse, stimulate, curate and select images to support a major programme of events and public engagement in Climate Change issues. This project will run in the year prior to COP26, with a view to significantly influencing the availability and uptake of imagery by key communications organisations and media outlets. The project seeks to catalyse, find, reward and raise the profile of diverse and representative local photographers from across the globe.

Responsibilities / deliverables:

  • Provide steering advice and methodological review to maximise the inclusivity, accessibility and geographic reach of the overall project design.
  • Review the online Climate Visuals resources and photographic briefs to maximise the accessibility and inclusivity of these materials.
  • Advise on the creation of an independent, diverse and representative judging panel and on the accompanying back-end digital systems to ensure equality and transparency.
  • Assist in identifying appropriate PR organisations to partner with from professional and amateur photography circles.

Person specification


  • Understanding of diversity and inclusion issues at a global level with particular attention to the needs, interests and systemic barriers that photographers (across all levels of expertise) face in producing and publishing images related to climate change.
  • Experience of online outreach work or digital inclusiveness.
  • Knowledge in drafting accessible and inclusive instructional materials, guides, terms and conditions.
  • Experience in a global digitally-based contest design, including jury selection.
  • Experience in working with multiple partner/stakeholder projects.


Project 3 (subject to funding agreement)

Budget £2,450

Project period: from September 2020 to December 2020

Climate Visuals is working to increase and diversify audience engagement with natural spaces in England to better represent contemporary users and uses of the natural environment in England, by providing an evidence-based and representative image library that will enable efforts around engaging people with the natural environment to be more impactful. Through doing so, it will also increase and diversify public engagement with climate change issues.

As an initial step, we will run a stakeholder roundtable in November 2020 to convene senior representatives from UK nature-related organisations and communication teams to test our ideas around users and uses of the natural environment and the degree of representation within the current available image library, and also to scope out how best to approach this work, considering outreach, methods and appetite to be involved.

Responsibilities / deliverables:

  • Design, convene, coordinate, deliver and report on a stakeholder roundtable to explore current diversity issues in UK nature-related photography and assess future directions for collaboration.
  • Contribute fresh ideas on the subject of natural environment users and improving representative images in the space of natural environment.
  • Advise on improving representation of photographers and imagery from BAME communities in the photography sector, with specific emphasis on climate change and biodiversity loss.

Person specification:


  • Experience in designing, convening and facilitating accessible stakeholder roundtables, ensuring meaningful participation and documentation.
  • Understanding of diversity and inclusion issues for BAME groups in equitably accessing natural spaces in England.
  • Understanding of diversity and inclusion issues more widely within photography considering both issues of representation and the industry structure. .
  • Understanding of the interests and barriers for UK-based stakeholders in making use of representative, contemporary imagery to promote increased public access to natural spaces and awareness of climate change and biodiversity loss.
  • Understanding of the barriers photographers from BAME communities face within climate change campaigning space.

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