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Visual Stories of Air Pollution

August 8 2017

Adam Corner

Telling a powerful visual story on air pollution - and why dirty air is bad for our health and our climate - is crucial now that the issue has risen rapidly up the global political agenda.

Climate Visuals is proud to be partnering with the Unmask My City campaign, a new high impact initiative from the Global Climate & Health Alliance (GCHA), to protect people’s health and our climate. Unmask My City advocates for cleaner air in our cities, focusing on making changes to the transport and energy systems of cities worldwide. Doing so will improve public health, enhance people’s quality of life and work towards a cleaner, safer climate.

Climate Visuals is partnering with Unmask My City because of the campaign’s use of innovative imagery to convey the problem of air pollution and the ways in which poor air quality affects people. Using face masks which glow red when levels of air pollution become dangerous is an example of a very visual way of highlighting the ‘invisible’ threat of air pollution.

In the gallery, we present a selection of images from the Unmask My City campaign that fit with the Climate Visuals principles for more effective visual communication, plus a selection of clean ‘solution’ images from the existing Climate Visuals collection. Each image is captioned to show how it relates to Climate Visuals research, as well as what it shows, to help communicators make the right choice to illustrate their campaigns.