Dear Climate Visuals users and photographers,

This is your chance to help us find more photographers and enter your own images into our ‘Visualising Climate Open Call’! Once closed, our judges will convene to select 100 images, each to receive a $1,000 fee, creating an incredible, accessible collection of climate images and global stories.

Shaban Mwinji, a community scout ranger, in Ukunda, Kenya. Standing in a restored Mangrove Forest by Mikoko Pamoja. Mikoko Pamoja is a community-led mangrove conservation and restoration project based in southern Kenya and the world’s first blue carbon project. It aims to provide long-term incentives for mangrove protection and restoration through community involvement and benefit. Photo Credit: Anthony Ochieng / TonyWild / Climate Visual Countdown


We’ve received thousands of incredible images from every corner of the world – with some in this mail – but know there are more incredible images and stories of climate solutions and we’d love to see them!  Our final collection will be featured in an exhibition at TED Countdown Summit and COP26 and made accessible to the global editorial media, climate campaigners, and communicators.


Heihe, China (23rd December 2017): Taking the future for a test spin in one of the coldest regions on earth. This is the site of winter testing for a number of electric-car manufacturers, as this prototype of Chinese Slovenian joint venture APG Elaphe. Photo credit: Matjaz Krivic / Climate Visuals Countdown


This is your opportunity to contribute or share an opportunity to help address climate change using photography.  Share our submissions link, call on Twitter, Instagram or  LinkedIn

My wife and son visiting a melon garden in a glasshouse in Bogor, Indonesia. Sustainable farming such as these have become even more common during this pandemic. We took our son to this place for educating him on fruits and vegetables and how to grow them as online education put a stop to many school-organised field trips.
Photo credit: Pramod Kanakath / Climate Visuals Countdown


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Toby Smith