Two men load solar panels on a boat in Kenya

Two men load solar panels on a boat in Longech Village, Turkana County, Kenya.

Ocean Visuals - audience engagement opportunity

Ocean Visuals is a unique, free and mutual opportunity for organisations and individuals to collaborate with Climate Visuals and Comms Inc and engage with their supporters and followers.

Read on to find out more about how you can get involved.


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Underwater greenhouses seen below the surface of the water with the coastline visible above.

Underwater biospheres at Nemo's Garden, Liguria, Italy.

How does Ocean Visuals help ocean-climate communication?

  • Generates impactful free-to-use ocean-climate imagery
    • Interviews with the OneOcean Flotilla and the Spark News ocean media research project identified that a lack of impactful, accessible and diverse ocean images is both a challenge and barrier to communications.
  • Bridges the ocean-climate gap
    • Climate and ocean issues need to be integrated to achieve better ocean protection. This collaboration bridges that gap.
  • An inclusive, equitable approach to communication
    • Ocean Visuals is an opportunity for everyone to communicate their own stories and experiences of ocean-climate issues with their photography. Climate Visuals will licence selected images fairly with a $1000 fee. Our advisory board are helping us achieve best practice.

How can my organisation get involved?

  • Share the Open Call - Now until 14 September 2022
    • Share our current and future Twitter and Instagram posts to encourage your followers to submit their images to the open call.
    • Attend our briefings on the 24 August 2022 then encourage participation further by using Climate Visuals’ selected images to create your own engagement.
  • Apply the evidence - Available 24 August 2022
    • The brief that we develop for the photography open call is evidence-based, so you can use it for your own images and communications too.
    • Follow the recommendations in the brief to make your own ocean-climate communication more powerful.
  • Use the selected images - Available October 2022
    • The top 100 images as selected by our diverse, independent jury will be available for editorial media, not-for-profit, campaigners and educators to use for free. You will be able to view and download the collection from the Climate Visuals library ahead of the embargo.



A person walks down a flooded and eroded road during a tropical storm.

Angel walks down Island Road during a tropical storm. This is the only road connecting Isle de Jean Charles with the rest of Louisiana.

What key dates do I need to know?


24 August 2022 10am BST and 4pm BST 

Comms Inc and Climate Visuals will host open Ocean Visuals Briefings for audience engagement partners, ahead of the open call for photography submissions - identical calls on two timezones. We will share new evidence, guidance on how to apply this in your communications and social media content available for sharing.

24 August 2022 10-11am BST - Ocean Visuals Briefing 1 

24 August 2022 4-5pm BST- Ocean Visuals Briefing 2 


1 September - 14 September 2022

Call for submissions open. During this two week window, amateur and professional photographers across the world can submit their images.


October 2022 

Ahead of COP27, announcement of final 100 images, selected by the judging panel. A $1000 licensing fee will be paid to each selected photographer, and the images will be made available in the Climate Visuals image library for free use by organisations and media ahead of COP27 and beyond.



How can I encourage my audiences to participate?

You are the best person to understand how to communicate with and resonate with your audience, but here are some key messages:

  • Take individual action. Many of us love the ocean, but we don’t always know what we can do to better protect it. Participating in the open call for photography is a way to use your skill and passion to achieve better protection for the ocean and climate.
  • Tell your story. Ocean-climate health impacts everyone, whether they live close to us or on the other side of the world, but we don’t necessarily see this diversity of experience in the media or online. Participating in the open call is a chance to show how this issue impacts a community close to you.

Contribute to better communication on ocean-climate issues. The way we tell stories matters. It is a powerful tool for affecting change and getting the action we need to protect the planet. The selected images will be available to use for free by charities, media and academia. Your image and story will help people working to improve ocean-climate health all over the world, in the run up to COP27 and beyond.


What impact does Climate Visuals have?

The Ocean Visuals initiative builds on the success of the Climate Visuals with TED Countdown open call in 2021. The initiative reached over 5.2 million people globally, with more than 5,500 photographs submitted by a gender-balanced group of photographers from more than 140 countries. Following major exhibitions at COP26, the resulting collection of climate solutions imagery continues to bring massive, positive disruption and impact within the media.

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